How To Easily Build Your Own Beach Cart

Building a beach cart is quite a lot of fun when you want to carry your things to the beach, and you can build your own cart using simple parts that you can collect yourself. You must have all the items on the list, and you will get to work on a cart that will go anywhere you want it to go.

Bring Your Parts

You must have a few parts that are easy to collect from the hardware store, and you will use a beachy item that will help you finish off this cart. It is much easier for you to create this cart onc eyou have gotten to work, and you may collect everything on this list:

  • Wheels
  • PVC pipe for the frame
  • Hacksaw
  • Zip ties
  • Pool noodles
  • Axle
  • Glue

The Frame

The frame of your cart will be created using the PVC and a few bends. You will choose the width of the cart as you cut the pipes, and you may use the bends to point the pipes at the ground. The bends in the pipes at the end will hold up your axle. You have created a frame that looks like the dolly you would use on a construction site. This beach cart will be much lighter when you are going across the sand.

The Lower Paddle

The lower paddle is where everything rests when you pack it into the cart. The lower paddle is a flat scoop that will be used to push under items you are carrying, and it will act as a support when you tip the cart back before walking. Ensure that you have crated a small paddle using bends in the PVC pipe and a few straight sections. The paddle will be about a quarter of the length of the upper frame.

The Axle

The metal axles will be set on the bends at the bottom of the cart, and they will rest there as you set up the wheel. The wheels will sit inside the bends of the pipes, and you will not lose control of the wheels because they are held in by the PVC pipe.

How To You Use The Hacksaw

The hacksaw you get will be simple to use as you cut off the pipes to the proper lengths. Measure and cut quickly, and you may use PVC pipe connectors to hold different sections of the pipe together. You may place a bar across the middle of the cart for support, and it will help you tie off things to the cart.


The glue that you use on the assembly must be slide in between each section, and it must be on the edges of each section. You are gluing it from the inside and the outside, and you will find that it requires a couple hours to set. You now have a full assembly that will fall apart, and you may continue with your assembly and support. Choose a glue that is rated for PVC pipe so that you know it will stick.

The Pool Noodles

The pool noodles that you use will be the pads for the rails on your cart, and you must slit them down one side before you attach them to the cart. The cart will be covered with the pool noodle around the handle, and you will use the zip ties to hold everything down. The pool noodles can be strapped down easily with a few zip ties, and you will have a place to put your hands when you are holding the cart. It is far simpler for you to hold the cart when you have padded it with pool noodles, and you will find that it is much safer when you are pushing it through crowded areas.

Where Does It Go?

The DIY beach cart you just built is perfect for the tables and chairs you must roll out to the beach. You may stack them on the cart before you begin rolling, and you will find that the cart will glide easily on the simple wheels you have selected. There are many people who are taking more than one trip, and you may go back and forth as many times as you like. The wheels on your cart will flex just enough to give you a smooth ride, and you may carry all your supplies to the beach and back to the house.

Someone who is hoping to have a simpler time at the beach may build their own DIY beach cart. The cart will act like a dolly that allows you to rolls your chairs and tables to the place where you are sunning, and you will have everything you need to give your family a good time.

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