Nature Art for Kids

Fall is here! You look out your window and see the beautiful leaves falling from the trees. You also think how you will have to rake them all up.

You and the kids go outside and start to rake the leaves. The children are having so much fun. They rake the leaves in piles and then jump up and down and fall all over them.

You get a great idea! Why not get some of the best leaves and do crafts with them. You also decide to get the children to gather sticks and other things in the yard to go along with the leaves. The children think it is a great idea!

They all go to the craft store to get the materials they need. They also use things around the house that they already have.


  • 1. Branches
  • 2. Leaves
  • 3. Rocks
  • 4. Cones
  • 5. Bark


  • 1. Small bowls or jars
  • 2. Wooden Spoon
  • 3. Rubbing alcohol
  • 4. White coffee filter
  • 5. Paint brush
  • 6. Rolling pin
  • 7. Glue
  • 8. scissors
  • 9. Yarn
  • 10. pipe cleaner


  • 1. Paint
  • 2. Vases
  • 3. Beads
  • 4. Pom-pom
  • 5. Moss
  • 6. Ribbon
  • 7. Cloth
  • 8. Felt


They made different animals out of the pine cones. This is how they did it.

  • 1. You cut the felt into a pine shape.
  • 2. You color the pine cones in different colors.
  • 3. You glue the felt to the cone.
  • 4. You glue the black pom-pom on the felt for the nose.
  • 5. You use the black beads for the eyes.


They wrapped branches in yarn and ribbons of different colors. They also glued on pom-poms. You can think of other ideas, like using different color paints on the branches.


With the rocks you can make an terrarium.

  • 1. You start by using a clear deep bowl or vase.
  • 2. You paint the stones and sticks.
  • 3. You then place all the stones from the outside at the bottom of the vase.
  • 4. You place the moss around the terrarium.
  • 5. You use your own ideas to continue decorating the terrarium.


Now we come to the leaves! We have picked out some big beautiful colorful leaves. We will first make some linen napkins. We are using the old white handkerchiefs that dad gave us to use.

  • 1. First we are going to spread the handkerchiefs flat.
  • 2. Then we will paint one side of the leaves.
  • 3. Next we will press the painted side on the handkerchief.
  • 4. We will roll the leaf with the rolling pin.

5. Lastly we will pull off the leaf.

Another idea for the fall leaves is to use white paper to show the beautiful colors of the leaves.

  • 1. First we will gather the leaves and separate the colors.
  • 2. You tear the leaves and place into a small bowl.
  • 3. Crush the leaves with the wooden spoon, and add a little alcohol.
  • 4. Do this to each color.
  • 5. Place the bowls in to a glass baking dish, adding a little bowling water.
  • 6. Cut the coffee filter into strips.
  • 7. Put a strip over a pencil, placing over the bowl, dipping one end into alcohol.

Well parents, these were some fun projects! It is amazing what you can do with the things of nature. It is also amazing the ideas you can think of. As you can see, you can turn an outside chore into fun. We all had fun. Why don’t you try these crafts for yourself.

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