The Not-So-Normal Things That Women Should Keep An Eye On

From the moment our bodies choose to enter womanhood via the menstrual cycle highway, we are gifted with the struggles of hormonal changes. Eventually, we (and everyone around us) understand that during our periods, we may ride an emotional roller coaster several days out of the month. It would be a wonderful thing if this hormone related occurrence was like clockwork predictability.

Truth is, it’s not.

Women often find that outside their normal cycle, their skin decides that a date night is a great time for a breakout across our faces. Maybe it’s not a break out, but you suddenly find yourself in a melt down because you spilled a bag of chips on the floor? There are many reactions our bodies and emotions take when our hormones decide to wreak havoc on us. We would like to chalk it up to our periods, but there are times when it may be important to schedule an appointment with your physician.

It is important to your health to be on the lookout of what may be normal and what may be a sign of something serious.

You Don’t Remember Buying a Fur Coat

Normally, a woman will have a stray facial hair here and there. However, if you suddenly find you have grown a full blown lumber jack beard and your arms and chest are starting to resemble a wooly mammoth, you need to be concerned. Chances are you were not in contact with a werewolf, there may be something more ominous taking place. Although it is uncommon, women can develop tumors that secrete testosterone, formally known as adrenal tumors. In many cases they are benign, however some may become cancerous. The good news is these tumors may be treated with surgery or prescriptions and for the most part. The added bonus to catching this is that after treatment you can shed your fur coat and return to your smooth, silky skinned self.

Over-Heated and Drenched in Sweat

It is okay to be drenched in sweat after spending some time in the gym to keep those legs svelte and that booty perky. However, excessive sweats and over-heating after a day of lounging on the couch watching girly movies can occur. If you find yourself waking up at three in the morning drenched in sweat and having the urge to stick your head in the freezer, this may be a sign of Peri-menopause. Surprisingly it is not uncommon for some women to start the menopausal process in their early thirties. The most common age is around forty. Make an appointment with your doctor if you notice these symptoms. He or she can run some lab tests to determine if menopause is the case or if there is another issue taking place.

Your Period Suddenly Has a Question Mark

We have all missed a period here and there, and it is always like a free pass. However, if you begin missing periods often and those home tests are negative, there can be a serious issue. Remember, sometimes there is too much of a “good thing” and missed periods is one of those things. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects many women and is a treatable condition and missed periods are a common indicator of this condition. The good news is that it can be treated with birth control pills and other hormone related prescriptions. As much as we do not look forward to it, we have to remember regular periods are a sign of a healthy body.

Your Skin Suddenly Looks Like a Battlefield

Some of us are just dealt with less than perfect skin. If you happen not to be one of those people and suddenly your skin starts breaking out like World War III, there may be a hormonal imbalance taking place. There are times our bodies decide to produce an excess amount of testosterone. When this happens, one of the first indications of this is cystic acne. The good news is your doctor is a leading General in this battle and can wield a prescription your way to take care of the problem!

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