Top Wine Picks for the Starter Collector

Having the best wines on hand is important! Why? They offer special flavors and selections that you will always enjoy. Wines are fermented from grapes. There are many varieties of the most celebrated drinks in the world. The most common wine is called “Cabernet Sauvigon.” Wines from California, Italy, Australia, and France, offers the most popular brands worldwide. Each grape has a special aroma during the aging process, that promises a great taste. Red wines has an oak flavors and white wines are more fruity. Some of them smell like flower, and some like berries.

Wines can be stored in cellars, refrigerators, or in your favorite cool place. There are over a thousand types of wine grapes, but the most common are- Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Riesling, Champagne, and of course there are many others. Wines come in red or white brands. Wines are enjoyed for their unique flavors- alcohol, tannin, sweetness, or acidity. It’s the fermentation that’s important. There are five of the most popular wines that you should always keep on hand. Let’s discuss them:

Five Special Wines

* Cote-Rotie

It’s a burgundy that is mainly made in Santa Barbara. Syrah wineries make a bold statement. The grapes are softer and delicate to touch. The California Syrah wines are chosen by it’s quality. The pinot red wine is excellent to enjoy with seafood. Wine lover’s love the taste. It’s an expensive wine that people love to keep on hand.

* Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s a wine developed in Napa Valley. It brings a black cherry fruity flavor along with a blackberry balance. The red wine that has a mocha finish, and give you an earthy taste. It’s an elegant bottle that you can pair with a perfect steak meal. It’s rich flavor is a great choice. The cost of the wine is $135.00, however you can visit their website for special discounts.

* Dry Creek Valley

It’s a perfect Zinfandel wine from the pacific coast. When these grapes ripen and are cooled, it creates an acidity taste. It’s a Napa Valley wine that is over 100 years old. The hills in Napa promises aged grapes, that are pure concentrated. The small grape is well-loved in wine circles. Zinfandel wine can be paired with any type of meat. You can also pair it with cheeses, pastas, and seafood.

* Ethos Reserve Late Harvest Riesling

This sweet Riesling is perfect to enjoy during the winter months. It taste like dried apricots, honey, and has an orange flavor. It’s acidity balance in pure and offers a rich experience. It’s a decadent brand, to enjoy with your lunch or dinner. Riesling wines are sweet or dry and are grown on Riesling vineyards that offer exclusive taste. Riesling are mainly developed in Greece, Argentina, Italy, France, Chile, and South Africa.

* Dom Perignon

This sparkling vintage wine was created in 2006. It’s a fruity sparkling wine that is used to celebrate special moments. The luxury vintage wine offers freshness and the ripeness can be enjoyed with a few sips. The sparking wine embodies peace, joy, and happiness. It a popular brand that many love.


When you make wine choices, you look for light white wines or dark red wines, with special taste and where the grapes were grown. The most important thing to keep in mind, is the selection, and foods or desserts you can pair them with. You don’t need a wine cellar, but you should store them in a cool place. The temperature should be 55 F, to make sure it stays cool enough to serve. Exploring wine options and keeping favorite brands on hand, is rewarding.

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